5 Tips for creating an amazing Marketing Banner in PowerPoint.

Most of us get amazed by the beautiful banners that appear on the web. If you notice closely, you will find that most of the banners contain pictures with some smart designs. It is just a balanced combination of fonts, pictures and some elements of use which makes any banner attractive. Using Adobe photoshop for shaping these banners is a very good choice but not an easy one. If you really want to make a powerful marketing banner with ease, try using Power Point.

PowerPoint is really flexible software and allows the layering of the content over the image beautifully. There are endless benefits of using PowerPoint as a designing tool for marketing banners.

  1. With PowerPoint it is easy to make a slide of any size. A slide can saved as a PNG or JPG file, which makes it easy to be used as a banner or poster.
  1. Everyone who makes a presentation or banner cannot underrate the importance of font design and its associated sizing. That’s what makes the difference clear between a simple looking and a professional one. With PowerPoint, one can install fantastic typography. Together with it, font-pairing also works attractively in PowerPoint.
  1. PowerPoint makes it easy to manipulate images. One can make the images darker or lighter, crop them to the desired shapes and make striking designs with them.
  1. Do you know that with PowerPoint you even can save the slides as image? Even a whole set of slides can be saved as separate images. To do this, just use the Save as…. Option and choose JPEG, PNG, PDF or any other file format from the drop-down menu.

Now, coming back to the main point of how to create effective marketing banners in PowerPoint? Well, there are many ways to do it, but to give banners a more professional and selling look; there are 5 tips which need to be followed, if one wants to make a really impactful banner.

  1. Make an Inforgraphics/banner filled with data:

In the world of visual content, data visualization and the infographics add charm to any content whatsoever. Here, the “Data Geek” template comes for our rescue and help. This template is loaded with various kinds of charts and graphs which can be personalized to adjust your data. Just right click on the graph and chart and choose ‘Edit Data’ and you are all done. With this template you get all types of charts and graphs, be it column, pie, doughnut or bar chart, or any line graph.

  1. Use Timelines for visualizing time and telling the history of any industry, brand, trend, product etc. Timeline infographics allows its user to update the time periods by just changing the values on the center circles. It also allows the adjustment of the visuals and colors.
  1. If one is trying to use the stats as well as copy, balancing both the elements is essential to achieve effectiveness. Designing a totally hip infographic or banner is the modern design trend. PowerPoint makes this task easier for you by giving an option of inserting a chart, wherever you see it fit.
  1. To make banner in the form of a flowchart, PowerPoint comes with many flowchart PowerPoint templates. These charts guide the viewers about the positive conclusions at the bottom left and negative conclusions to the bottom right. The simple design offered by this template makes the task of creating a flowchart-style banner really easy, even for the faint of hearts.
  1. With PowerPoint you can bring in photos and images from the external source into your marketing banner design. You can use high-quality images; say up to 2000 pixels by 2000 pixels. You can give border to your images and save them in PNG format to get the highest quality.

So now, you must be very clear about how you can go on to take the help of PowerPoint to make effective presentations and marketing banners, instead of going to learn and practice the heavy designing softwares like Adobe Photoshop.

New features like ‘Designer’ and ‘Morph’ for PowerPoint 2016 are again making this task of creating banners more simple and creative. These features are helping people who aren’t masters of presentation to put together, collect and design some effective and good-looking slides. These features are available to only the subscribers of Office 365.

If you want to take advantage of all the features of the PowerPoint software you must purchase Microsoft office 365. In this suite, Microsoft has integrated all its features to its online services. The major advantage of its integration with online services is that the user gets frequent suggestions for their work. For instance, if you are designing a banner, Microsoft Office 365 software even suggest the new, latest and effect designs for the type of banner you are attempting to create. If you are not a presentation expert, this new Microsoft office 365 suites easily takes you close to it.

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