Miami to Orlando: Things to do

If you have been shuttling Miami to Orlando without catching some fun on your way, you are one of a few people who need to re-plan their schedule because you are missing out big time in the fun of things to do in the areas. Go to the world map of getaway places in the world, Miami has lots of places to visit. I believe you have heard of the abundance of breathtaking locations in Orlando, apart from being the home of Walt Disney that attracts about 20 million visitors every year, there are many other exciting tourist places in Orlando you need to visit.

What are the things to do in Miami to Orlando?

If my guess is right, there are uncountable things you can do to add extra time to your years in life. Or didn’t you know that the more fun you have, the longer your life expectancy? It is not an accident that Florida ranks among the highest in the life expectancy table in America and one of the highest in the world.

Miami to Orlando Things to do

If you haven’t been considering having fun on your frequent trips back and forth Miami and Orlando, you need to start now for your health’s sake.

For this discussion, we will consider a few things to do Miami to Orlando so that when you are making your usual Florida Shuttle Now reservation, these are going to be part of your consideration for the trip.

  1. Walt Disney World

Orlando hosts one of the world’s amazing places on earth. It’s a place for people of all ages and tastes. What do you need that is missing in Disneyland? The magic is evergreen, and if you ask the average visitor you meet, this visit is probably his 10th round in a few years. You will do the same the moment you step your foot on the gate. Walt Disney World isn’t a place you can have enough of its fantasy.

From children to adult and even seniors, Disneyland Orlando is a Mecca for many fun loving people around the world. The reason many have not visited Disney world isn’t that they don’t like it, it is because they haven’t got the opportunity to satisfy the grandest dream of all. Now that you are on a Miami to Orlando journey, I think it’s an opportunity to visit the Walt Disney World and establish the first contact.

If you are planning on going with Florida Shuttle Now (Branded), you can plan your stay around Disneyland and take the opportunity to visit Disney World and experience paradise on earth treat!

  1. Miami Beach

Before I got to know about the beaches closer to me as a growing child, I probably have heard of the Miami Beach several times. The story is true for most people who probably have been to the Miami Beach without a visit to the beaches in their backyard. This is a beach that has so many things to offer.

Miami Beach features beautiful hotels and restaurants, and it’s a place to meet wonderful people from across the world.  As you must know, Miami Beach is not a lost island as it is connected to the mainland by bridges that offer an easy drive through the island anytime.

There are hotels and restaurants to provide the needed accommodation while you settle down to explore what the beach city has to offer.

  1. Lake Eola Park

If the cost of visiting the theme parks in Orlando, which can cost close to $100, if this is your concern, what if I tell you some places offer equally excellent fun and fantasy that are free to enter. Yes, the Lake Eola Park in Orlando’s downtown is a must visit.

At Lake Eola visitors have the pleasure of 6 minutes water show featuring a burst of multicolored water timed to music. The lake also has other interesting sites like the eight mammoth sculptures and a 20,000 pounds limestone Greek muse sculpture. The statue is half covered in grass and has a 25-foot aluminum flock of seagulls lifting off from the lake.

Other interesting scenes you will enjoy at Eola Lake Park are series of wedding trail. If you are having a hard time running your 5k race, this is the best place to achieve you dream as you will find co-dreamers like you wanting to take their baptism of 5k race as well.

Other fun things to do in Orlando’s Lake Eola Park include walking your dog; go on a swan-shaped boat ride, read a book under the oak shade trees or just go around to savor the airy atmosphere. One thing is sure if you ever stopped by at Lake Eola Park, you will for a long time remember the awesome experience, and it’s free!

  1. Consider staying near the SeaWorld Orlando

Going to SeaWorld is an important family visit. This gorgeous amusement park is likening to Walt Disney world in every respect. SeaWorld Orlando offers closeness to seas most amazing creatures including whale and dolphins.

If you think what you see about dolphins regarding their intelligence are television lies, you have the opportunity to confirm the truth. At SeaWorld, various tanks are housing various marine lives that will get you thrilled. You also have the chance of joining in amazing rides for all ages at the park.

If your visit falls on Dolphin Day, which debuted in March of 2017, it will be an opportunity to see the bond between dolphins and their trainers. I would say bond between dolphin and humans because what they do to their trainers, you can have it too. The last dolphin day event was in March ending 2017.

  1. See gator wrestling at Gatorland

In Orlando, Gatorland is the place to watch alligators, crocodiles and many other reptiles perform daily with funfair. There are thousands of reptiles in Gatorland to welcome you to the world of Orlando hospitality. You can watch the “Alligator Jumparoo” show and “gator wrestling” show among other shows to keep yourself thrilled with lots of fantasy.

The park provides a small train that goes round to provide a closer view of the park wildlife, and there is a tower where you can take a good view of the breeding march of the park. If you like adventure, you can embark on self-guided swamp walk to give yourself more fun.

Tips to maximize the fun on your Miami to Orlando trip

The fact that Florida comfortably sits in the entertainment and fun map of the world isn’t news, but what will be news is that you visited the fun capital of the world and never had fun. The journey between Miami and Orlando is about four hours by road. While traveling to Orlando from Miami, you will pass through so many places many are dying to visit for once in a lifetime. To enjoy your Miami to Orlando road travel, follow the tips below:

  • Create the time for fun. Unless this is an unplanned trip for whatever reason, take a chance to create the time for the fun and enjoyment. You can allocate extra one day to have a good time before going on your assignment or business, or whatever.
  • Go with a bus service that has the touch. Before choosing your bus service, find out their stop and pick up points.
  • Identify a fun facility at each stop point. One thing I know is that the route from Miami to Orlando is filled with different places of attraction. Get on the map and research your preferred location before booking your bus.
  • Make financial provision. Although not all places of attractions require entry fees, you need to provide for those that need you to pay.

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