Leave all the journey fiascos on your travel manager

So you are on your annual client meeting and you need to complete this session successfully because you cannot lose an old account. A client is like an account for you and your future and your job’s future depended on each and every account that you handle. You need to take care of your clients and you have to keep them happy and satisfied. While you have to search for new clients, you need to keep the old ones along with you and for that you have to visit places continuously. At the end of the year, the accounts will be reviewed and if you are successful in handling the client properly, you are going to get wonderful incentive and may be a promotion as well!

Stay at a comfortable place

While you are visiting your client, one thing you need to make sure that you cannot say how long you have to stay there. If you have a good relationship with the client, you can stay in their guest house and they will sign the deal or complete the meeting as soon as possible. But you are not lucky every time and some of the accounts from your side may not be that understanding and you have to stay for more than a day or so to complete a meeting. Sometimes you need to visit the company more than once a day and thus the hotel of yours should be real close to the company you are visiting.

The budget should be taken down

Your travel manager is trying to cut down the budget of the company and thus they do not allow you to stay in a posh hotel and the distance of the hotel also matters. If the distance of the hotel is far from the company, the journey between the hotel and the company will be huge and your travel manager will calculate whether the cost is huge or not. If the two and fro cost of the place is huge, then the travel manager will book a hotel near to the company. Travel management in a corporate company is one of the toughest things and you need to manage it like a pro.

The company policy should be maintained properly

The travel management company first ask you to present the company policy and need to read the whole thing by heart. Every travel that you, your employees make should be done according to the rules. You need to make sure that you must not avoid the rules and make plans out of it. While making travel plans the company policy compliance should be maintained else at the end of the economical year, you will face problems regarding counting of the profit.  Company travel managers work over a period with you and know you more than anyone else. They know exactly what you want and what should be your travel plans. They will book the hotel and flight tickets according to your affordable range and according to the permission of the company.

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