When you are confronted with an emergency that is life threatening, each passing minute is critical. What if help arrives late and it becomes too late? This happens at most of the times when injured persons are unable to get immediate emergency treatment they need to survive. A person may be injured at home or at office. Just like first aid box at your home, you need to arrange emergency service providing for your staff at office. It is the effective treatment with first aid that decides the lengthy or rapid recovery form injury, life/death or temporary/permanent disability and other matters. The simplest way of ensuring first aid and necessary tools available at your office is to get an emergency first aid cabinet.

This cabinet provides center for safety command to centralize all life saving devices in case of an emergency. It is the solution for adding necessary and immediate first aid tools and is equipped with the latest safety techniques at finger prints. It will be a security for your employees as it contains items that are required for providing care till further help arrives. Its importance is high because anything can occur anytime. comes with following components each with its own high importance in saving lives.


There are 3 AEDs in an emergency first aid cabinet. These are designed for use by public and are suitable for both children and adults. There is a carrying case inside it which can be taken out just like a first aid box.


Small scrapes and cuts often occur at offices leading to minor injuries. First aid kit included in an emergency first aid cabinet must be well stocked for providing necessary supplies like cream for first aid and bandages for convenient use. It is important because even small cuts lead to much bleeding leading to pale skin and loss of blood. This is not good especially for people with weak health. So this part of ca handle small cuts and other emergency bandage needs.


One of the emergencies that occur in offices is that of fire due to any reason. Fire pops up and it must be extinguished for safely. Fire extinguisher in this emergency first aid cabinet is class ABC. It is an effective yet lightweight tool that is perfect for office emergencies. This is also safe for wooden, liquid, plastic or electrical-fires.


In case of emergencies that lead to power outages, everyone needs a torch to look into the areas. Flashlight included is high density Duracell LED flashlight. Its casing being rugged and focus being variable makes it a suitable companion in case of darkness.


Safety equipment needs to be maintained for being effective. An emergency first aid cabinet includes complete management program for maintenance of all components so that nothing gets out of date.

With all of the above accessories, an emergency first aid cabinet is the must have cabinet to ensure safety of your office staff and to avoid higher medical expenses.

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