Few Tips on Packing Your Office Items before Moving

So, you are planning to relocate your company! Apart from finding the best moving services, there are numerous things that you have to prepare and therefore have to pack for the move and these include expensive equipments, supplies, desks and furniture, important paperwork and also the office decoration. Just start the process in advance and enlist things with the help of your employees. This will ensure that everything of your office will come to the new address properly and without getting damaged.

Pack the file cabinets:

  • Go through the documents and then create three categories like shred, recycle and take.
  • Then go through the left behind files and organize those by using whichever system you plan to continue in the new office place. Then pack the files in different file boxes to keep both the stationary items and documents while transiting.
  • Next mark every box with a short description of the contents and the department or desk with which these belong to the new office. Also mark those boxes, which include confidential contents.

Pack the desks:

  • Ask every employee to pack his/her own desk. Offer them a certain timeline so that they can have the desks emptied by the moving day.
  • Empty the drawers and discard the old junks. Then pack the office supplies in a box so that you can find those while unpacking.
  • Pack all the personal items that are displayed on your desk in the early period of the move. Pack all the fragile items with bubble wraps or packing papers to make sure that these don’t break while transiting.

Pack all the office equipments:

  • Computers, laptops, copiers, printers, fax machines and telephones are the most valuable items that you may have in your office. So, you must make a list of all those items and transport properly.
  • Keep all the cables and wires separated and organized properly to prevent tangling. Also label the wires for proper identification.
  • Before transporting all the electronics, don’t forget to back up all the necessary data to a cloud service or hard drive.
  • Always pack the printers, computers and other equipments in the original boxes. In case you don’t have these boxes, then use some professional quality and extra sturdy boxes and enough padding.

Pack the decors of office:

  • The best tip is to start taking the decorations down few weeks in advance. Just consider the layout and space of the new office while deciding the things that you want to take with you.
  • Prepare the plants for move. You have to transport those on your own.
  • Choose the framed artwork with the bubble wraps and packing paper. You can also use some special telescoping boxes meant for transporting mirrors and artworks.
  • But in case you have something really precious, then purchase insurance to protect those artworks against any damage or loss. But in case you are a part of any large organization and if the organization is paying for the move, then your valuables won’t be covered with insurance.

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