Wisdom teeth removal

In the late teens or in the early twenties some people experience pain and discomfort in their mouth due to wisdom teeth. In most cases the problem becomes so serious that medical intervention is necessary to remove the wisdom teeth.


Wisdom teeth are the last teeth, which appear in our mouth. During the late teens the jaw develops fully and when they appear there is usually not enough place for them so they cause pain and discomfort. In addition to painful discomfort, wisdom teeth can cause some serious infections, so they need to be removed. Wisdom teeth removal is a form of therapeutic procedure to eliminate the pain and the discomfort these teeth cause.

Although wisdom teeth usually appear in the late teens or early twenties in some people this development can delay or take more time than usual. Usually, people experience pain when wisdom teeth develop, but also there are some cases when a person does not feel pain at all. It happens because the teeth somehow find a place to accommodate in the jaw.

Whether you need a wisdom teeth removal or not you need to consult with a dentist for professional advice. The dentist will assess the situation and will provide you with some suggestions. In some cases, a solution may be provided right away. Sometimes your dental medical history needs to be reviewed. In addition, the dentist may take x-rays or examine the overall health of your mouth and your teeth.

Basically, early removal of the wisdom teeth is recommended right after their appearance in order to avoid some possible complications in the future.  The patients need to discuss the possible risks of the procedure or the possible complications that might appear during the procedure. A typical wisdom teeth extraction procedure is usually performed by a dentist or by an oral surgeon. The recovery from the surgery depends on the number of teeth removed and complications, if there are, of the procedure.

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