Give your Company the Edge on Marketing!

If you’re in the marketing end of a business you know how vital it is to get and maintain customer loyalty. Satisfied customers doesn’t just mean repeat sales, it mean they tell their friends and give you referrals, too. One great way to make your customers happy time and time again is to give them something for nothing, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to partner your brand with the online discount king Groupon.

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Groupon has a unique formula for building a customer base: all the potential buyer needs to do is download the Groupon app and they’re have instant access to thousands of discounts and coupons for virtually anything they might be planning to buy. How does that translate into sales for your company? Easily, that’s how! The site has a search engine that will allow a consumer to search for the exact business, item, or service they need, and they instantly get a list of companies featuring offers for their item.

From restaurants to personalized photo products to hair salons, no matter what the focus of your business Groupon can help it grow. Once the consumer clicks on your company name they’re instantly sent to a page of featured discounts and coupons of your choice. Clearance on overstock, new seasonal inventory, and free shipping are all examples of discount offers, but what your company offers is completely up to you.

Once the customer selects their offer they can go to your company website, which is conveniently linked to your offer page. They can shop for the items they’re looking for, add the discount or coupon code at checkout, and pay online as usual. They can even download the offer code to their phone and use it at the actual in-store checkout!

The greatest part is that they now have the app on their phone, and once the customer sees how easy it is to save on things their already shopping for they’ll use it over and over. Keep this in mind when you’re building your next marketing campaign and see for yourself  how Groupon can help build your base of satisfied customers.

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