Our approach: Creating shared value

Our approach

Creating Shared Value (CSV) is fundamental to how we do business at Nestlé. We believe that our company will be successful in the long term by creating value for both our shareholders and for society. Our activities and products should make a positive difference to society while contributing to Nestlé’s ongoing success.

Focus on key areas

Long?term value creation requires focus. In consultation with experts, we chose to prioritize the three areas where our business intersects the most with society: nutrition, rural development and water. Value creation is only possible with a solid foundation of compliance and a culture of respect, as well as a firm commitment to environmental and social sustainability. Our impact on these focus areas is measured by progress against publicly stated commitments, which are informed by our materiality assessment and regular feedback from external groups.

The business case for Creating Shared Value

We cannot maximize long?term sustainable value creation for shareholders at the expense of other stakeholders. We believe that societies will not support a business that harms our communities and overall sense of well?being. Creating Shared Value helps ensure that we remain relevant with consumers.

To better connect financial with non?financial value creation and reporting, we worked with Ernst & Young (EY) and Valuing Nature to conduct an impact assessment to calculate the societal and business value generated by our Global Youth Initiative (GYI). Launched in 2017, the GYI is expected to create 10 million economic opportunities for young people over the next decade. The study revealed that the initiative generated a positive business return on investment, and an even higher societal return. More detail on the results and methodology have been published on our website.

This impact valuation methodology has been peer?reviewed by FSG and continues to be refined through application to other projects. We are currently conducting an impact valuation of our Caring for Water initiative.

We also participated in the work of the Embankment Project for Inclusive Capitalism (EPIC), which aims at shaping the broader conversation on long?term value creation.

The detail about our approach

CSV - Our approach - The detail about our approach

Doing business right

Ethical principles are fundamental to how we operate. This means zero tolerance for fraud, bribery and corruption, protection of personal data and open disclosure of tax payments.

Ethical business

CSV - Our approach - Putting our values

Putting our values at the heart of what we do

Building our business on clear principles and sound governance maintains trust in the Nestlé brand and reduces risk in the value chain.

Governance and policies

CSV - Our approach - Advocating for change

Advocating for change

Our advocacy priorities are guided by our purpose to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future.

Public policy and advocacy

CSV - Our approach - Prioritizing key issues

Prioritizing key issues

To ensure our sustainability efforts keep up with a changing world, we conduct a materiality analysis every two years.


CSV - Our approach - Talking to the right people

Talking to the right people

We always seek the advice of the best experts and advocates to make Creating Shared Value (CSV) as robust as it can be.

Stakeholder engagement

CSV - Our approach - Collaborating for major change

Collaborating for major change

Collaboration is an essential element in our bid to tackle global issues like rising obesity, child labor and climate change.

Partnerships and collective action

CSV - Our approach - Awarding good work

Awarding good work

The Nestlé CSV Prize is awarded every two years to help expand initiatives that address nutrition, water and rural development.

Creating Shared Value forum

CSV - Our approach - Bringing new ideas to life

Bringing new ideas to life

Through the CSV Prize and our open platform [email protected]é, we aim to nurture the ideas that will determine the future.

Supporting innovation

CSV - Our approach - Working toward the UN SDGs

Working toward the UN SDGs

CSV is closely aligned with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Contributing to the global goals

CSV - Our approach - Being transparent at all times

Being transparent at all times

The tax we pay is an integral part of CSV, and we believe it is good practice to openly disclose information about our tax.

Nestlé and taxes

Download our Creating Shared Value report

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