Progress at a glance

Our commitments hold us publicly accountable for our performance, and we report on them every year to show progress. The table below shows both our current progress against them, and where we still need to do more. You can read the full details of the action we’ve taken in pursuit of our 36 public commitments in our 2018 progress report (pdf, 5Mb).

Key to commitment status:

For individuals and families

SDG  1, SDG  2, SDG 3, SDG 4, SDG 5, SDG 10, SDG 12, SDG 13, SDG 14, SDG 15, SDG 17
Commitment Status
Offering tastier and healthier choices
Launch more foods and beverages that are nutritious, especially for mothers-to-be, new mothers and infants and children
Further decrease sugars, sodium and saturated fat
Increase vegetables, fiber-rich grains, pulses, nuts and seeds in our foods and beverages
Simplify our ingredient lists and remove artificial colors
Address under-nutrition through micronutrient fortification
Inspiring people to lead healthier lives
Apply and explain nutrition information on packs, at point-of-sale and online
Offer guidance on portions for our products
Market to children only choices that help them achieve a nutritious diet
Leverage our marketing efforts to promote healthy cooking, eating and lifestyles
Empower parents, caregivers and teachers to foster healthy behaviors in children
Support breastfeeding and protect it by continuing to implement an industry-leading policy to market breast-milk substitutes responsibly
Inspire people to choose water to lead healthier lives
Partner for promoting healthy food environments
Building, sharing and applying nutrition knowledge
Build and share nutrition knowledge from the first 1000 days through to healthy aging
Build biomedical science leading to health-promoting products, personalized nutrition and digital solutions

For our communities

SDG 1, SDG 3, SDG 4, SDG 5, SDG 8, SDG 10, SDG 12, SDG 16, SDG 17
Commitment Status
Enhancing rural development and livelihoods
Improve farm economics among the farmers who supply us
Improve food availability and dietary diversity among the farmers who supply us
Implement responsible sourcing in our supply chain and promote animal welfare
Continuously improve our green coffee supply chain
Roll out the Nestlé Cocoa Plan with cocoa farmers
Respecting and promoting human rights
Assess and address human rights impacts across our business activities
Improve workers’ livelihoods and protect children in our agricultural supply chain
Enhance a culture of integrity across the organization
Provide effective grievance mechanisms to employees and stakeholders
Promoting decent employment and diversity
Roll out our Nestlé needs YOUth initiative across all our operations
Enhance gender balance in our workforce and empower women across the entire value chain
Advocate for healthy workplaces and healthier employees

For the planet

SDG 1, SDG 2, SDG 3, SDG 6, SDG 7, SDG 9, SDG 11, SDG 12, SDG 13, SDG 14, SDG 15, SDG 17
Commitment Status
Caring for water
Work to achieve water efficiency and sustainability across our operations
Advocate for effective water policies and stewardship
Engage with suppliers, especially those in agriculture
Raise awareness on water conservation and improve access to water and sanitation across our value chain
Acting on climate change
Provide climate change leadership
Promote transparency and proactive, long-term engagement in climate policy
Safeguarding the environment
Improve the environmental performance of our packaging
Reduce food loss and waste
Provide meaningful and accurate environmental information and dialogue
Preserve natural capital

Download our Creating Shared Value report

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